A DIY Candy Dispenser To Dispense Your Skittles Made By Wengie

Watching videos of people playing with slimes or putty on YouTube has a deeply satisfying feel to it, don’t know why but I guess our brain works in a mysterious way. If you watched numerous of slime or make up videos or even mail reviews, then chances are that you’ve already heard about Wengie or watched one of the videos. So in her latest video, she will be making a diy candy dispenser machine right from scratch just by using your readily available household items. First you will need, a big price of cardboard, a small spring of which the size of a pen, hot glue gun, a stick or a skewer, a jar of any size would do but Wengie is using the Nutella jar for this video. And also make sure you’re cardboard has holes to insert the stick. Spray paint and masking tapes are optional if you want your machine to loose pretty, otherwise it does the job.

Alright now if you have collected all of the items, lay it out on a large table. First get your cardboard and follow the size and cut of the template given in the video. Your scale of the template might be different as to Wengie’s because she is using a Nutella jar that has the diameter of 8.5 cm. After cutting, you will get one large cardboard of 3 portions to fold, and 2 smaller cardboards with a rectangular cut out in the middle.

Cut the rectangle on both of the cardboard and stick in a skewer inside. Make sure that it is neat and clean because that will be the core mechanism of your DIY Gumball machine. Next hot glue the skewer in place and put spring on one end and a cap on the other end. Spray paint and also line your cardboard with masking take which is optional. Fold the large piece of cardboard around the jar. Lastly glue everything in place then secure the jar on the cap and fill the jar with candies or whatever you heart desires.

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