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Rugs add to the beauty of any home. They are the best home décor item and compliment every home. There are commonly 4 different types of rugs. You can choose any of them according to your preference and your floor, or home décor.
The wool rugs
These types of rugs are durable, made of wool and are warm. They give a cosy feel and are most preferred rugs for all homes. There are a lot of options in terms of colour, sizes, textures and patterns. It is because wool is a versatile fabric and hence, the choice is unlimited. Using a wool rug is ideal because it gives a warm and comfy feel to the feet. It can be placed in an open space, right next to the bed or in the living room. However, this material accumulated dirt and debris easily and thus requires more maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis. It is easy to clean and dry and is goodabsorbent of moisture.

The Cotton Rugs
This versatile fabric has easy to dye fibre. There are many textures colours and patternsavailable in this type of rug. It is braided or even is found in form of flat weaveand is more durable. It is also easy to clean and maintain rug but requires regular cleaning or washing. They are less inexpensive.
The Jute rugs
The Jute rugs are tough and durable. These rugs are constructed in different textures and patterns. However, jute isn’t as soft as wool or cotton rugs but a good alternative for people with wool allergies. They aren’t easy to wash and the stains are difficult to remove.
There are other rugs like silk or synthetic rugs available in the market. These can also be availed fro various retailers online. Just type au rugs and you can get many options to shop.

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