Are Tuitions Really Needed?

Those days are gone when committed teachers educated in the classroom which was adequate for the students to prepare for their examinations. When a child had doubts, then the teacher could spend additional time clearing those up doubts at school or at home.
My husband frequently talks about his teacher. The teacher recognized my husband as an additional intelligent boy when he was in school. He started giving him additional training and supplied him with great books to read. Later the teacher saw to it he got a scholarship to further research from the Authorities. This was the devotion of the teachers of these days.

As a child becomes confessed to a school these days, parents start debating whether to send the child for tuition class in Singapore or not. After every test outcome, this problem raises its head. With promises of effort from the child and the parents resolving to invest two hours daily with the child assessing their class work and assignments, the dilemma of tuition is shelved.
When the parents are used, a great chunk of cash goes into the tuition teacher of their child. Parents believe they cannot focus in their children’s schooling after an exhausting day in the workplace.
An educated mother who chooses to remain in the home for the sake of the children try to have the use of the tuition class in Singapore. But her classes finish in arguments and tears and “You understand nothing!” Remarks from the child and the mother provides up.
A teacher who can deal with a class of 50 now is more prone to emotional blackmail with their smart children in regards to studies. They extract claims from their parents of most expensive presents and get them themselves maintaining the guarantee of scoring good marks. Plus they are getting the cake and eating it too!

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