Best Rated Mattress Is Not Always the Best

Since you guys are already here, you have witnessed and experienced some bad mattress experience. If not, then it’s good that you are here, Because you should read this article before you look for your dream mattress. Do not get distracted with ratings and reviews of any mattresses. A top rated mattresses is not always what you expect.
You need to prepare yourself before you get involved in the world of best and the worst mattresses because you are not going to be able to tell the difference most of the time. Let’s find out why.

Top Rated Mattresses withthe Most Complaints
Yeah, sometimes the most top rated mattresses in the world are the ones who get more complaints of customers. Complaints about how their mattress is dissatisfying and wrong. Ratings are a distraction. It turns you into a blind person even when you have perfectly good eyes.
Why Rating & Reviews Are Not To Be Trusted?
Whether it’s good ratings, reviews or Best Mattress Brands, you can never completely trust anyone without proper inspection.
Ever read a review where the customer writes a big thank you and explains what things and how they are perfect in so much detail? Would you ever write a review if you loved a mattress? It’s one to like something, but it’s another to write that big a review for a mattress. You would probably prefer to write something like “It’s good and nice”, and that’s it.
The Point is, you can never be sure if the person who writes these reviews is a customer or not. There is a good chance that the most of the reviews are fake. Which also means that ratings that are given to the mattresses can be false too?
So, unless you do a proper inspection on the mattress, you’re going to buy, don’t trust anything else. Remember, Best Rated Mattress does not have to be the Best. Be Sharp.

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