Choose one of the best servers depending on its types

Enjoying Minecraft on a public platform can take your game to a completely new level. For a thing, there is a society of concurring gamers for making new friends and collaborating with them. This will really aid you to learn different useful social skills, for example problem-solving, compromising, and cooperating. Additionally, the majority of server feature prebuilt, and huge words with incredible buildings and cities, mini-games, and transport networks for you to look at them and enjoy the playing experienced.

Well, we have tried and tested almost of types of servers available including Minecraft Pocket Servers. Basically, they are not listed in a specific manner, however they all are extremely good, and every single server has found welcoming and suitable for parents, children and grandparents alike!
This is quite same as to usual single-player survival, despite the truth that there are some other players on the server. Generally no griefing and non-PvP allowed in this server.
This server is based on a prison where you have to gain money for ranking higher. A few servers let you to be free, generally no PvP, stealing, or griefing is allowed.

Hunger Games
Being even more famous, the hunger games servers are usually a battle to the death with (normally) open map. Generally, players are spread around the map, maybe provided a minute or something of invincibility and after that the real fight starts. A number of servers have applied kits that charge a little money but give huge benefits to your game.
This server has a confront like surviving submerged or finishing a totally tough parkour course
Teams or faction are at war with one another, griefing and stealing as much as possible.
Players are motivated to undertake role like cook, blacksmith etc. frequently set in an overseas ground and have to collect resources.
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