Christopher Stokowski’s private life does not appear on social networks.

The famous designer Gloria Vanderbilt had her marriage with the orchestra composer Leopold Stokowski, among others a son who for family reasons was away from her and his brothers for more than forty years, and coming back together also due to unfortunate causes in the family , Christopher Stokowski despite having a great fortune created by the same, is known either in relation to his mother or in relation to his brother, son of Gloria in another relationship that also knows the fame as a presenter of the television news network CNN, Christopher Stokowski. The family estrangement by decision of Christopher Stokowski happens as a result of unfortunate reaction of his mother at the moment in which he was engaged in marriage with April Sandmeyer, as a result of the almost consecutive death of his father and his stepfather, Christopher goes to therapy and after a while she realizes that the therapist and her mother are trying to influence the couple’s relationship, which makes her distance herself from the family, the relationship is gradually falling apart too, and by that time Christopher has decided to make a career in music by their own means, wanting to leave behind the weight of fortunes and media brilliance of their parents.

Christopher Stokowski succeeds, currently enjoying a considerable fortune without including his mother’s inheritance, which he rejected on the grounds that he does not need it. After 10 years of this separation, the family goes through a difficult situation with the suicide of one of the brothers, this vicissitude about the brothers again, who come back to have contact and to reestablish close relationships. In the year 2016, a documentary about the life of the designer and mother of our character comes to light, in which she barely speaks of her son Christopher Stokowski when the media asks him what he says he does respect his desire to maintain a profile low before the media and social networks.

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