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When questioning Which Car Companies Are Best To Invest In? In you must bear in mind that there are many options that can be taken into account, car companies are an alternative. Currently, the aim is to preserve the environment as much as possible and for this, several factors must be taken into account. Because of this one can wonder which Car Companies Are Best to Invest In? For those who decide to invest in the industry in 2018, they can take into account the following companies.

The first is Ford Motor Company, which is a well-known and trusted American company nationally and internationally, being second in the United States. To make matters worse they have in their plans to invest in electric vehicles, hybrids, and autonomous.
Of second is Toyota Motor Corporation, a Japanese company of great reputation that will focus on the production of Crossover vehicles and trucks, focused on investment, like Ford, in hybrid and electric vehicles, and in addition to zero emissions.
The third is General Motors, a US company that has made vehicles with various brands such as Chevrolet, GMC,and Cadillac, in addition to many others. General Motors focuses on SUV-type vehicles and seeks to work in electric and autonomous vehicles.
The fourth company is Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, a US and Italian creation company, which is the eighth largest company in the world, created by the union of the Fiat and Chrysler companies in 2014. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is developing crossover vehicles and trucks, besides developing AV technology.
The fifth company is Nissan Motor Company, a Japanese company that is known for its electric vehicles. This company has evolved over time and is in a merger with the Renault Company. Nissan plans to enter the crossover vehicle business and improve electrical technology.
The sixth and last is Honda Motors Company, a Japanese company created by Soichiro Honda in 1946. It is an internationally renowned company that plans to focus on crossover vehicles and the development of efficient and low emission fuels.
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