Find Out How To Enlarge The Penis With Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are clinically tested to work, as a result, they’re among the more common ways to improve penis size. Consequently, they tend to be an effective alternative to penis enlargement surgery, since they’re much less expensive.Understanding precisely how Penis Stretchers work is important before you buy one. You will, therefore, be able to see whether or not it is suitable for your lifestyle and the results you intend to see.

Penis Extenders – What Are They?

Through the use of a silicon tube or strap to hold the penis to the device, the Penis Stretchers use the force of traction. The penis then goes into the bottom of the device unit, which fits comfortably at the base of the penis.2 spring loaded metallic rods are then connected to the plastic base.
The dearer a Penis Stretcher is the better quality the metal rods would be. Cheaper devices usually use nicol, whereas more expensive devices use steel and even gold.On the top of these metal rods sits a plastic support piece, the head should comfortably sit just above this plastic part. The silicon tube or rubber strap will then go through this plastic support part and hold the penis firmly in place.
Many of the higher quality devices will provide additional accessories to make the device unit more comfortable. As you use the device you’ll continue to add extra metal rods to make the penis stretcher bigger and therefore increase the penis size.

How Do Penis ExtendersWork?

By means of applying a continued amount of stretch on the penis for an extended time period, the cells within the penis will begin to divide and multiply.The principle is the same as building muscle at the gym, although the penis is not a muscle. Exercising your muscle causes it to “tear”, it then repairs itself and gets larger and stronger.
As the cells throughout the penis divide and multiple, the length and the girth will then naturally increase as well. Since the penis is being stretched you will also notice an increased amount of blood, therefore you will often experience stronger and longer lasting erections. Learn more at
You will obviously not want to experience any pain, therefore high-quality devices are developed to stretch the penis comfortably. By using a device that is also medically backed will guarantee that you will also not experience any temporary or long-term side effects.

What Results Could I see From a Penis Stretcher?

The benefits that you are able to see from a recommended penis stretcher include;
• Increased Penis Length – Up to 4 inches
• Increase Penis Width• Curvature Straightening
• Enhance Erection Strength
• Increased Sexual Libido
• Increased Confidence


As you can see there are several benefits to using a penis stretcher to help increase the size of the penis, although results would vary depending on which device it is you use. A higher quality device would tend to have much better results than a less expensive device.