Finding close odds while matched betting

One of the common things all betters goes through is how to deal with close odds when matched betting to match bets.

Manual Method
While the early days of betting one of the best way to find the close odds match was through opening bookmaker odds on browser screen and betting exchange on the another screen, later do comparison of odds one by one on market. Like for example in football, the process involves first loading the match coupon at bookmaker and at betting exchange on the same time and trawling through their home to draw to away odds till you find ideal match. For free bets then again you perform same process at OddsMonkey but get correct score on any particular game.

There is no wrong in this method and some moments come when you have to check close odds manually.

Automated method
There are lots of service that offers automated process in match betting and find time in making it to find best match quickly. As they do first collect all odds from the bookmakers as well as betting exchanges by bringing them together all into one database later which get displayed according to the closet matches order. The best part of such services are they are cheap relatively to subscribe and the better get the opportunity to filter such odds by bookmaker and find close match for certain events or bookmakers in free bets which is much easier.

According to the match betting service oddsmonkey review, they offer free trials within a delay of half hour which is handy enough to try out for what they offers. Their service offers 15 euro per month and 150 euro yearly for premium membership which shows odds instantly with offer.

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