GERES Wiemann is helping to provide a sustainable environment

Environmental condition
The present condition of the environment is worsening with days. If people continue to pollute the environment in such manner then surely they are hampering themselves and to the coming generation. The GERES Birkenfeld and some of their companion are trying to protect the environment and prevent the overuse of non-renewable materials.

Therefore it becomes an important aspect for the humans to support their work and help them to implement such as it would lead to the better environmental condition. The better environment will surely help every individual to have a better life and better resources for their daily use.
Intention behind GERES Wiemann
The intention that GERES Wiemann has some clear idea that reflects the betterment of the environment and therefore it was expected people can be greatly helped with such facilities. It is important for the people to know about the concept and therefore concept has been choked out into some points, and these are depicted as follows:

• It helped in the better preservation of natural ingredients and applied certain concept so that it can be replaced with something which is cyclic in nature.
• Certain elements release a good amount of energy, but at the same time, it releases pollution, so they used the concept in which the element was substituted with some other facilities from which generated pollution.
• There are several occurrences of some materials that are manufactured naturally but over a large period of times. So excessive use of such may forbid the coming generation. Therefore, the implementation of such concept has also helped the people to use something that can repeatedly be produced.
• But the ideas and concept that was developed by Norbert Wiemannwere rejected because of some reason, and therefore they have come up with the ideas like preserving the natural energy which is well implemented and are widely used for the betterment of the environment and also for the people.

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