Hazards Involved in Risk-free Hyperbaric oxygen therapy Procedure

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is definitely an oxygen-based therapy without use of medications. Energetic means higher and baric signifies atmospheric stress, which identifies this therapy. The usage of oxygen at a stress higher than that of normal environmental pressure is used in technique of this therapy. The therapeutic price of HBOT in the treatment of decompression sickness or blood vessel congestion by oxygen bubble is based on the enhance overall strain that is used as physical mean to eliminate inert gasoline bubbles by reduction of its volume within the body. This oxygen pressure-based treatment is, therefore, very useful to take care of many other health issues.

About safety of HBOT process
Several studies have been performed to know the security aspect of this particular therapy, but none of which has shown any kind of potential dangers involved in going through this procedure. It is considered as among the safest surgical procedures used for numerous kind of treatments. A patient may go through bit hungriness or fatigue next treatment quite normal and also doesn’t affect overall performance of normal routines in any way. General, hyperbaric therapy is safe method from every perspective. However, there could be occasional problems, the reason for that isn’t known, however treatment nevertheless doesn’t usually bring potential health threats.

Some hazards involved in HBOT procedure
Few dangers have been noticed in some cases that could be considered as potential risks in this treatment, although not all are harmful.
• Fire can be caused in oxygen-rich chamber because of some inflammable compound or system, but that can be prevented through utmost preventative measure prior to the process.
• Temporary nearsightedness (short sightedness) possibility will there be due to eye lens modifications for some momentary period during treatment which is not a potential risk.
• Risk of some injury in middle hearing, like eardrum rupture or water leakage is achievable due to increased air stress.
• High volume of oxygen within central nervous system (CNS) may result in seizures occasionally.
• Air pressure alteration can cause bronchi collapse.
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