How to choose a great paintball gun?

Choosing a paintball gun is no easy task. There are so many buying factors that you need to consider. First of all, it will take you a while just to figure out what kind of paintball gun you need. To start with, there are compressed air paintball guns. These guns just use a CO2 tank to fire out paintballs, without any electronic help.

Then, there are electronic paintball guns. These are paintball guns that are essentially compressed air paintball guns, but with an electronic circuit board that will allow the user to use a computer to program the way their gun will shoot. For example, a compressed air paintball gun with an electronic board will allow a user to switch between single fire mode and rapid fire mode or special modes like three burst shorts. An electronic gun also provides other options like allowing the user to adjust the velocity with which the gun must fire. Depending on whether a user is shooting at long range or medium range targets, he or she might want to adjust the velocity of the gun upwards or downwards.


The last time of paintball gun is the paintball pistol. These are handguns that use small CO2 cartridges that run out pretty quickly. Why do people use pistols then? Because it provides paintball players with an incredible amount of agility. Moreover, some paintball tournaments are special pistol tournaments where you can only participate with a pistol.


There are also paintball sniper guns that you can buy. Generally, when you are playing a team, there will be one player who is assigned to a paintball sniper gun, to take out the enemy sniper or provide a strategic offense with a long range, with minimal exposure.


So, to say that just one paintball gun is the best paintball gun would be very irrelevant. Every class and category of paintball guns has different guns that top their class. Only in-depth research will allow you to choose the best. PaintballGunDoc is a great site to do that research, as it lays out all technical detail of all types of guns in great detail.

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