Important Tips to Consider before using Costco Car Battery

Batteries made use of in vehicles like trucks, SUV, boats, cars, boats and RV have three basic components, and these include lead, plastic and electrolyte. It is possible to determine the age of a Costco car battery and by making use of the battery date code. It is a 2-digit code and which is stamped into the label on the top of the battery. The battery code helps determine when the battery was shipped from the manufacturer.

Battery Prices
The Costco battery pricesvary depending on the size of the vehicle it is used for and the model of the car and the year it is manufactured. The cost of the golf cart batteries is about $83.99, and that of marine batteries ranges from $75.99-&79.99. Special core fees are also charged on the batteries for the reason that they can be returned back for recycling, and their core fee would be refunded.
Care to be Taken While Using Car Batteries
It is very important to take care while handling Costco battery and use extreme caution as it comprises of the electrolyte. The electrolyte containing sulphuric acid and water solution can damage the skin and the clothing. It is always better to keep an acid-neutralizing solution handy like baking soda.
In case any mishap occurs it is very important that the area is flushed with a lot of water and you must contact the physician immediately. Proper hand and eye protection items must be worn while handling the battery. If by mistake the electrolyte splashes in to your eye you must put a lot of water into your eye and get medical attention immediately. The Interstate batteries made available by Costco are very reliable in use and are efficient for use for power hungry cars. These batteries are very suitable for all the driving needs and that are backed by warranty.

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