Is Chip Tuned Technology Compatible in Motorsports Cars?

There are normally three types of transmission systems that are used in different cars for gearing and that are manual transmission control (MTC), automatic transmission (ATC), and continuously variable transmission (CVT) and all of them have a clutch system but a clutch pedal is provided only in MTC vehicles. In ATC and CVT vehicles, you don’t have to take your gear-shifting decision as the system decides itself and technically, both are automatic transmission systems. However, CVT is advantageous over ATC in providing seamless power during uphill driving. The gear-shifting in MTC vehicles is not possible without using a clutch pedal and this is one of the major differences in manual and automatic transmission system.

Need of clutch system
The clutch system has relation with the car’s transmission system and you sometimes hear of clutch upgrade in a stage 1 and stage 2 that are applied to standard vehicles and racing respectively. These are usually high-end upgrades that are not available from the original manufacturer but taken as add-on. Why you use clutch upgrade? To increase its speed performance. racing clutch is a specially designed clutch system for cars used in motorsports.
Racing cars
Racing cars such as Ferrari, Challenger, Speedster, and many more racing car models are specially designed to participate in motorsports competitions and are fitted with special motorsports clutch kit to achieve maximum speed performance on speedtrack. You may have a racing car which has more gears and can run at a high speed but its clutch system may not be compatible to any racing car. The clutch manufactured by Competition Clutch is designed for racing cars participating in the motorsports. This has exceptional features which are not available even in most classy luxury passenger cars. They generally make use of chip tuned computer technology for speed efficiency which is not compatible for performance in racing events and is thus, not used in motorsports cars.

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