Is slime the best fun hobby?

Slime have different recipe styles that one can gather and understand. Mainly because slime can be considered to be popular now and this recipe can easily be tried out with either your daughter or your family member. Using slime as your hobby is a good fun activity but you should know that not all the recipe that you found online works. You have to give it a try and find the best recipe that best work for you as slime can be a great way of relieving depression.

Once you have made your slime and added a little drop of preferred mixture. Then you may need to knead the slime for a little period of time until it shows a little consistency. Most people complain about it being a little sticky making it possible for creating imprint on your slime. You can make imprints with magnets by creating your preferred text on the slime

During this time that you have finished kneading your slime. You can also create different sizes of shapes and lines of different pattern. You and your child can use this smile in playing different types of games. For example find the hidden object in slime.

You can create slime bag and it can act like a fun game between you children. While you have finish with the kneading. The exciting part is that you can add a little food color and scent also. Once you have finished having fun with your slime for the day. You may try adding it in a closed container or bag to preserve for next use or learn more about making a one ingredient slime

If you notice that your slime have different texture when next you want to use it. You can try adding a little water in to the slime for easy refresh.

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