Judiqq: now riches will rain from the sky!

Similar to cards, dominoes have found a universal application for leisurely activities, judiqq. The first ever dominoes were made from human and animal bones, a reason why the domino pieces are also called bones. Each domino has been divided into two squares by one straight line, with their values, or “pips”, marked on both sides.

Judiqq: learn the history behind it
• Zhou Mi of the Yung dynasty records the first written report on the ancient Chinese monarchies playing a subtle variation of the modern game to pass their time.
• Dominoes were later assimilated into the poker games when Christian missionaries came to the Orient, and today more than 100 variations of domino games can be found.
• The first world domino poker world cup was hosted in Japan in 2008, with over 1 million applying for it from over 125 countries.
• There are various types of domino games, including blocking games, where you can win by emptying your hands before your opponent. Many modern-day domino poker games likejudiqqhave similar trick-taking and betting rules to western poker.
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• You can play this game anywhere, at home with family or friends, or in any one of the numerous applications on the internet!
• Win amazing bonuses by referring the application to your friends. You can also use real cash to buy coins.
• Join forums and watch video tutorials to grasp the concept faster and start winning.
• Win by making two sets of combinations with your four bones while playing against two to seven players! The highest combination is 9-9 or “kiu”.
• Practice with bots and promo players, who will help you customise your game plan and build confidence.
Spend your day playing Judiqq with your friends or online! Become the top gambler by earning virtual or real money! Seek immediate help from friends and family if you feel unable to stop playing or develop compulsive gambling habits.

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