Lone Warrior: Types of SSD

With the innovation of SSD disks or Solid State Units, the use of traditional hard drives has begun to diminish, since very modern laptops are being sold all over the world, with SSDs as the main data storage device that provides data transfers files at impressively fast speeds. They are very small devices so they provide greater comfort for moving equipment and are constantly developing and redesigning higher capacity and smaller SSDs for computers.

All these technological advances and improvements of the SSD will continue replacing the use of the traditional hard disks because they are already considered obsolete in comparison with all this last generation technology for the future.
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All hard drives and SSDs are not equal and according to their variety can be classified in several ways, depending on the connection of your processor can use a PCIe SSD disk, which can be connected to a PCI Express port as if it were a card additional internal, this way it can work faster. With a SATA SSD, you can use the same connector as a normal hard drive.
According to the manufacturing technology you can choose one of the following models; Single Level Cell provides one bit per cell. Currently, we can see them in server environments due to their high price.
Multi-Level Cell it uses two bits per cell and can store four states, and the Triple Level Cell with three bits per cell that can store eight states.

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