Meaning of Stretcher Bars and benefits of using it

Stretcher Bars are used to construct wooden stretcher it is mostly used by artists to easily mount their canvases. It is traditionally a framework supported by wooden on which artist fastens the piece of canvas. It is also used by small retailers for embroidery that they can affix all the edges of the fabric with staple guns or push pins before they begin to sew. After the process is completed, stretcher bar is removed. It is usually available in rectangle shape so that they can provide required help to the users. Consumers can also purchase it through the internet as many websites are selling canvas stretcher frame and canvas stretcher bars.


The sketch which is used on stretcher bars should slightly round in shape. There are two benefits of using it

• It allows the users to properly see and obtain clear images on edges which have precise borders.

• It allows canvas weave to roll over the sketch rather than snap over the sharp edges which can cause major canvas cracking.

• It helps to provide beautiful designs on clothes and give them an attractive look.


There is wide variety of stretcher bars sketch and styles of cutting wood are available for users. They can select the one according to their choice and need. These stretcher bars can get strengthened by cross brace inserted into it. Cross brace is fitted in 40 or 1m. If you use it like this then it will ensure that wood will not wrap and will be hanged flat.

Artist’s uses pre stretched canvases and blank canvases in their art business. It is also used by photographers for framing wedding pictures and also for reproduction of photographic prints. Stretcher bars are used in picture farming as it provides beauty to the images. Users can make best use of stretcher bars to create beautiful things.

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