Penis Extender: Eight Steps Involved In Using This Product

How to use penis extenders?

penis extender is very simple to use. The process of using it does not involve any complicated steps. There are eight easy steps which you can follow to use it effectively which are:-

• Prepare- most of the users have agreed upon a point that it is better to wrap the penis in a piece of cloth or cotton in order to avoid friction with the extender.

• Strapping- attach one side of the strap to the cradle of the extender so that it does loose its position when it is placed on the penis. You should leave the other side of the extender strap unattached.

• Placing the extender – then you need to put the penis in the extender. You need to be careful in doing so and keep the distance according to your comfort.

• The other strap- then you should use the other strap to fix the position of the extender so that your penis does not slip out.

• Retighten- you should alternatively retighten the strap of the penis extender so that it ensures afirm grip.

• Stretching – once you have properly tightened the strap, you need to use the bars to stretch your penis. Do not over stretch.

• Heating- applies heat which will make your penis more responsive as blood will flow through your penis at a higher rate.

• Waiting- after all these steps, all you can do is wait and do not do any physical work otherwise the grip may loosen.

What is head swell?

When the glans is swelled by the overflowing blood, it is known as head swell. It is caused by the bestpenis extender. It is a good thing to happen as the amount of resistance between the penis, and the extender is maximized which reduces the chance that the strap will loosen up and slip. This will provide you proper tension in your extender which will maximize the results.

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