PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Encryption For Privacy Emails

Email security is the main priority for any business. Good security packages are essential for securing email communications. Emails cross potentially non-trusted servers before reaching its destination and there is no guarantee if it has been accessed by any unknown person. An email is similar to a post card whose contents are more visible to the persons who handle it. Email encryption technology exists to protect sensitive email information. PGP is Pretty Good Privacy, a public key encoding program that has become the most famous standard for email encryption. This is very much important in recent days, as more and more communications are happening much via emails. They provide protection against malicious entries. It allows encrypting emails between sender and receiver to boost the security of the emails. It is basically a program for data encryption and decryption that provides privacy for authentication and cryptography for data communications.

There are number of applications that use PGP encryption program, of which one of the common uses is emails. In order to increase the security in email communications, Pretty Good Privacy is used for encryption, decryption and signing of emails, files and directories. It works by using a public key that is bounded to a specific user. When the user receives any email, they use the private key that is known to them alone to decrypt the message. The private keys are password protected and hence quiet safe. The key encoding system is of military grade security and hence hard for any kind of compromise. All concerns regarding online and electronic privacy can be easily avoided by this kind of encryption program. blackberry encryption works on PGP program to secure information on phone. Advancement in mobile technology has lead mobile users to access more and more data via mobile. Encrypted blackberry provides high security voice and data encryption in mobiles.

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