Pokemon Go: How to Catch Shiny Dratini

Do not be alarmed if you discover a pink Dratini now during Pokemon Go’s Community Day.
Participants in Asia and Europe have reported that they have captured a Shiny Dratini in the Community Day festivities. This follows our record that Pokemon Go developers additional the 3D resources for the Shiny Dratini lineup to the match, that was a powerful indication that the Shiny Pokemon would be accessible from the game.
Shiny Pokemon have version coloration compared to their non-Shiny counterparts and are often quite rare. While they do not have better stats than non-Shiny Pokemon, many players need to receive their hands on Shiny Pokemon due to their extreme rarity.

Included in the Community Day occasions, it seems that Pokemon Go has substantially increased the probability of locating a Shiny Dratini. There are a slew of players reporting they have captured a Shiny Dratini… although that could only be caused by the overabundance of Dratini within the event.
If you reside in North or South America and you wish to grab a Shiny Dratini, then you will have a wonderful opportunity to grab a Shiny Dratini now between 11 AM and 2 PM PT. Here are a couple Pokemon Go Promo Codes that will help you snag one on your own.
Locate High Density Pokemon Places
Dratini will be summoned anywhere in the occasion, but you will want to hedge your bets by going into some location where Pokemon already spawn in large amounts. Parks, malls, and other public places typically have numerous spawn points, so they will probably be bombarded with Dratini throughout the occasion.
You could also improve your chances by falling a Lure Module on a PokeStop. Dratini will begin popping up in the PokeStop, which means that you may cycle through these to attempt to catch a Shiny Dratini.
Please be aware a Shiny Dratini does not appear any different on the over world map, which means you ought to tap every Dratini and activate the grab display to find out whether it’s Shiny. Fortunately, Shiny Dratini look radically different than a regular Dratini (they are pink rather than blue) so you will immediately know whether you’ve struck a Shiny Dratini.

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