Some of the vastu for home kitchen tips

According to the beliefs of traditions, each of the houses is having its own type of energy. Once an individual starts living in the house, he tends to come under the specific energy field. These energies are starting influencing the person in some or the other way. For those who are totally believing in such things is exuding the positive energy. The Indian vastu shastra is having many remedies for ensuring that the house is remaining to be blessed all the time. There are many remedies different for all part of the house. You have remedies for kitchen separately, bedroom, washroom, living room, all these can be much helpful to you in living the life peacefully.
As kitchen is one of the most integral parts of the house, the vastu remedies helps in enhancing the aura of the kitchen by taking certain essential elements in the considerations. These are including the direction, in which kitchen is yet located, windows and doors placements, electronic gadget placements, refrigerator etc and sink too.
Here are some tips you needs to follow for kitchen-
South east corner- It will be ideal for you to construct the kitchen in south east directions. If not possible, another option is northwest corner. South east corner is considered to be the best.
Gas stove placement- The cooking gas stove is almost the most essential part of the kitchen. It must be placed on the south east direction. The person must face the east direction while cooking the food.
Placing the sink away from the gas stove- The vastu consultant are saying that sink and tap must be placed in the kitchen is indicating the flowing water. It is to be placed at the north east direction and away from your cooking stove. This is so the fire and water is the opposite element and they are repelling each other.

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