Stock Market Secretes

There’s absolutely no secret as presented in the trading logs I Have posted up to now, that I traded just several counters. Fully being a full time dealer, one should have hisor her favourite pair of stock portfolios for trading function.

For me personally, I began assembling my sets of portfolio when I had been playing with gains statements. Back then, there used to be a free stock scanner tool, MSN Money Deluxe Stock Screener (now discontinued), that I frequently used during earnings statement play. I’d establish the parameters in the stock screener and then possess the counters who’d be declaring their gains keyed to the screener to validate signals and their current ratings. It turned out to be a tool that is useful but it has discontinued and I’ve yet to find a good replacement for that MSN Money Deluxe Stock Screener.

Anyway, it was that stock scanner that I learnt regarding the stocks, their brands, their products, their operations, their financials, their stock price movement behaviors and that gains play and began assembling my favourite stock counters. Fast forward to now, I use these sets of portfolios for my day trading function. As a day trader, I’m searching for counters that swing a lot during an active marketplace, counters which have long candles (does not matter if they were greens or reds), counters that are explosive.

I traded a great deal on my IB commerces on AAPL. AAPL has huge intraday price moves, appropriate for my IB trading fashion. For IB trades, the earlier the better, the trades shut. I closed it to produce a profit USD300 and held a trade at under a minute. The graph signs were aligned and see on.

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