Systematize the management of your business is possible with computer repair shop software

With mygadgetrepairs you access the multifunctional digital platform for repair shop crm more complete and effective to bring the multiple needs of management and operation in all areas to boost the growth of computer and cell repair shops.

With a simple interface to manage you have the possibility of remote and personal access to all areas, billing, marketing, personnel, technical service, orders for delivery and receipt of equipment and even more important the follow-up to customer satisfaction with the additional possibility of promoting through the website, your services and the sale of parts or accessories.
Those who have used this platform in trial mode have not hesitated a moment to acquire it for their stores, and the testimonies of already established customers do nothing but recommend the application and praise the way in which it has improved and facilitated its management in many ways.
Both for the purchase and sale of cell phone parts, the computer repair shop software platform helps you organize the inventory and check the movements with alerts when you need replacement and statistics of those that are needed more frequently according to your rotation in said inventory, a very useful tool for not being with last-minute purchases that generate unnecessary expenses that can be avoided.
The handling of the orders of reception and delivery is also a very useful tool for the organization of the work of the employees and for the control and evaluation of the attention to the client.
Avoid the confusion and exchange of orders that usually happens with printed orders or paper, just as the invoices will be all systematized in order to optimize the management while saving energy and paper, giving a turn a bit more environmentally friendly to the management of your business. The versions of the platform are constantly updated and have technical support and an efficient backup system in the cloud.

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