How to choose the best square flower box

High quality packaging is vital to protecting your flowers when shipping to your customers. When it comes to preparing your flowers for shipment, make sure that you choose your packaging correctly. Since it is common to ship flowers to customers using a square flower box , there are certain factors you should consider when choosing the ideal square flower box. First, consider the material of the boxes. It is highly recommended that high-quality corrugated cardboard square boxes should be used to pack flowers for shipment. You should also avoid reusing any old boxes since these will not have enough rigidity.

The strength of the square flowerbox is another critical factor you must consider. All package box manufacturers put stamps on their boxes to give users information about the strength and construction type of a box. You should therefore look at this information before packing the flowers in any box. If you need more information about the strength of your square flower boxes, be sure to contact your flower box manufacturer. Before you pack flowers in the square box, refer to the specifications on the box to ensure that you are selecting the best packaging for the general weight of the shipment.
Thirdly, consider the size of the square flower box you want to use. It is very important that the flowers fit in the box perfectly. If the box is under-filled, the box is likely to collapse to due heavy stacking. On the other hand, if the box is over-filled, it may burst. Therefore, you can prevent any of these from happening by choosing a square flower box of the right size for all the flowers you want to ship. You should also ensure that there are no empty spaces within the square boxes. This will prevent the flowers from moving during transportation. If the flowers move inside the box, they are likely to be damaged.