Ways to curb down traffic offenders

The government of the country has realized the fact that there a lot of people who are not driving carefully. A lot of the people don’t take driving as a serious or responsible task and that is why the traffic offenses have increased. There are a lot of lives that are lost every year just because of the incidents that happen on the road. So much of property is damaged and the government has to spend more money on it again just because of all of this. So it is really important to come up with ways by which the traffic offenders understand the gravity of their carelessness.

First of all, the government should start running advertisements and start campaigns that make people aware about the necessity of driving safely. Such campaigns put a strong effect on the mind of the person. Other than that government should start increasing the fine amount of various traffic offenses such as over speeding, running over the light, and so on. Some rules should be made really strict such as imprisonment of a person if he or she is caught driving while being in a drunk condition.
Government should appoint more and more traffic police officers and also apply the latest technology in order to catch the offenders. If a camera could be installed at every traffic signal then there would be a record of every car that passed by and via the camera you can easily get the car license number. Once you have got that you can easily get the information such as the whereabouts any car or the details of the owner by running a check over revs check ppsr check and rego check that is available online very easily to everyone who wants to use it.