Jebande sex: a totally different type of experience

If you are bored of having sex in your life or trying the same position over and over again, then you need to follow a totally different approach to sex. You can discuss the matter with your partner and then start having the jebande sex. If you feel the pleasure that you have never experienced before then, you should keep on trying. If you feel disgusting and uncomfortable, then you should not try further.

Facilities and features of jebande sex
• You get to try a totally different type of sex which will bring a new kind of thrill and excitement inside you.
• If you like the type of sex, then you will have a completely different experience, and the pleasure will be at highest level.
• If you like smelly things during sex, then you will be the happiest as it will be totally a smelly experience.
• You can include fart, feces, piss,etc. while performing such types of sex alone or with your partner.
Try out different types of sex, and you can find out the pleasure that you were missing. If you want to get really dirty, then you can practice this type of sex. The best way to perform this type of sex is in the bathroom as the bedroom will be completely messy and unhygienic. You need to clean everything if you do such things in the bedroom. The best way to perform jebande sex is in the bathroom. After making everything messy, you can clean your bathroom easily and have a clean bath. You have to bathe after having such sex as you will be spoiled with all types of excretion from each other’s bodies.

• If you indulge yourself completely, then you will have the ultimate pleasure.
• The anal sex will be pleasurable for the female counterpart.
You can actually lubricate by pissing on each other’s genitals which will help you to have great sex. Try out the jebande sex if you like getting dirty with the bodily excretions.
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