Best Tattoo artist Chiang Mai

A tattoo is a permanent mark or a design on the skin that won’t rub off. So, care must be taken while making a tattoo as it is a permanent mark to your body. Any slightest change will ruin the tattoo and there would be no undo button. This is the reason why you should only go to a professional tattoo artist if you want to make a tattoo. Precision Hands and good eye hand coordination is the key of getting accurate tattoo as per demands.

Here in Thailand at Panumart Chiang Mai tattoo shop, we have professional set of workers who have got special degrees in tattoo making. They have a passion towards making tattoo and this is a reason why we hired them. One of the tattoo artists Ahm. Ahm has made many customers happy. She is a professional tattoo artist chiang mai but before becoming an artist she was student at art College of Thailand. She learnt her amazing drawing skills at that college. Many customers have positive review for Ahm and want to work again with her. Her speciality is in living tattoos and she is very great with water colours. If you want to get a colourful tattoo then without a doubt everyone will recommend Ahm.

Ahm is a tattoo artist at Chiang Mai. It is not Ahm nature but everyone at Chiang Mai is friendly and happy. They know that once a tattoo is made it cannot be altered, so they put their life and all their dedication and concentration in the work. They also make a funny and peaceful environment to suppress the pain of the customer. In this way they make a bond with customer and give the desired work as demanded. If you want to know more about our wonderful shop that come at our website or contact us.