Learn what’s behind the Life Below Zero Cast

As everything in the world has evolved, so have television and its transmissions. And this can be evidenced by a quick analysis of the programming of the channels, in which reality shows are mostly shown. This is due to the fact that this type of programs attracts the attention of the younger generations; they have a language with those who feel more identified. Likewise, they are real people showing their lives as they are which produces some empathy and emotional contact in the viewers.

Such is the case of Life Below Zero Cast, a documentary-style television series aired by the National Geographic Channel, which presents the life and subsistence activities of a group of hunters located in the most archaic areas of Alaska. It shows how its protagonists do whatever it takes to survive the harsh environmental conditions, in which they are often at temperatures below zero degrees. The Life Below Zero Cast is made up of the following people:

• The Hailstone family. It is composed of the spouse’s Chip and Agnes and their 7 children
• Sue Aikens. She is over 50 years old and is the only camp resident on the Kavik River. It is characterized by repeating its motto, which says: “If it hurts, do not think about it”.
• Erik and Martha Salitan. It is about a young couple experts in existence in nature, residing in Wiseman.
• Jessie Holmes. It is located in Nenana and is dedicated to hunting and fishing; however, what distinguishes him the most is the sled he drives with 40 dogs, who are his companions.
• Andy Bassich. Located in the Yukon River near Eagle, he lives with only 25 sled dogs, because although he moved with his wife from Washington DC, they separated in 2016.
• Glen Villeneuve. He is the last member of Life Below Zero Cast and moved to Alaska in the year 99 from Vermont.
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