Efficient system of Disposable & Recyclable Waste

Skip bins that we call in Australia and UK are actually the name for dumpsters in United States and Canada. Skip bin is the popularly used term for dumping containers across many Australian cities such as Hunter valley, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and Central Coast. You can actually find familiarity with this term all over Australia. Skip bins have no specific design against dumpsters used in some other parts of the globe. Skip bins are filled with disposable garbage and usually cover with lid. The garbage trucks arrive on specific days to empty these bins.

Efficient system of waste storage

Skip bins have no other function than storage on garbage disposal sites. These containers simply store the waste till waste is taken to a disposal point from where it is taken for separation and treatment in different ways. The mixed waste stored in skip bins is a general waste that need separation before appropriate treatment. However, different procedure is sometimes followed by providing separate bins for recyclable materials and disposable waste. Some skip bins perth services provide bins of different colors for distinct storage of recyclable and non-recyclable wastes. This is more efficient method because this helps in proper disposal of the waste.

Skip bins for different wastes

Skip bins are efficient way of waste disposal or rather say waste management, if procedure of separate storage of materials requiring different treatments is done. This pre-hand separation of general waste is cost-effective because it saves time and labor on assortment and also on transportation because separate bins can be emptied in different garbage trucks and can be transported to appropriate point of disposal. This practice is prevalent in some countries like United States.


Skip bins are efficient way of waste disposal provided proper pattern of waste storage is followed which can reduce cost and efforts on waste management system, but these bins still can be used for other applications as well.

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