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Thanks to the LINKING NEWS team you will get the Best Press Release Distribution Service

The media have a great reach within today’s societies, due to their capacity for persuasion and their impact on public opinion. Therefore, companies and businesses in general have opted to publish press releases in the media, to interact with the public and keep them informed of their new projects, ideas or new expectations for the market.Thus, it is important for corporations to have an entity that establishes contact between them and the media, guaranteeing press release distribution services so that they can be published in different media and obtain the desired scope.

Then, LINKING NEWS offers a guaranteed service of press release distribution, they are the best option thanks to the reach they have, reaching the most influential media in the world such as NBC, ABC, Reuters and Fox, which are read around the world. In addition, they have more than 10,000 media and 30,000 journalists from all editorial lines and recognized throughout the world.In turn, the LINKING NEWS service is unmatched because they do not place labels within the distributed releases to ensure that the press release service is totally exclusive, preventing the competition from knowing what companies you use for advertising and marketing your business.

Also, the visibility of your company will grow enormously as it is known by more people thanks to these communications, making them interested in the products or services they offer from your company. Meanwhile, the confidence in your products will also increase because the press releases will be published in sites with an unblemished track record, therefore, those who read your communications will be fully convinced of the quality of your services or products.In short, with LINKING NEWS you will have the best press release distribution service, thanks to its high level of security and confidence, making your brand reach more people around the world, making your company’s audience grow.

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