The best stab vest for your safety in one place

The protection of the body when it is in a weapon environment is important. Fortress Armour is a specialist in this field; expert in the creation of stab vests and bullet proof vest, which belong to a line of products for body armour, inspired by the UK body armour, which provide vital safety. The products are independently tested with various cutting, piercing and sharp cutting weapons. With this, you can verify the security that your products provide to buyers.

The company has a website so that the variety of its products can be made known, which you can buy in the same way, the website that is backed by Paypal for the security of the company and the client. Upon entering, they give you a detailed description of the product. At the time of shipment, it is done by courier and the company makes a complete follow-up to the shipment, which ensures the arrival of the goods at their destination. However, it must be borne in mind that on the Internet there may be fraudulent websites that tend to sell second-hand goods, which can be fatal for the customer, being the victim of a deceptive offer, so that there may be a greater risk, since the protection and quality is not the same and the client trusts this deceptive offer. The goal of Fortress Armour is to reach its clientele safely and with quality products.

It should be noted that the products are not bulletproof or stab-proof, since it is not known under what conditions the article is being used, therefore it is important that the user makes use of the product in a precautionary manner, considering the different injuries, bruises, projectile wounds or firearms and other traumatological complications that could exist at the moment of an agent threatening their physical integrity.

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