The Cartoon Takeover

Everyone understands cartoon when it is seen by them. Anime is the procedure for utilizing fast going drawn or computer created movies to provide the chimera of movement. Cartoon is what’s used to generate the Saturday morning cartoons you see on television also it’s what’s used to make those vacation specials everyone looks forward to watching.

Cartoon can be performed with 3-Dimensional things like action or clay figures as in the popular Christmas specials made back in the 1970’s that featured little dolls being filmed using stop motion photography. Cartoon was once described as a novelty when it came to prime time television shows or films. Studios would never consider setting cartoon ready where it might function as feature after the 1930’s when Walt Disney shown with Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs that cartoon could carry a full length feature film. But over time something changed and now cartoon is threatening to be prime time television producers but also the method of choice for not only filmmakers at the same time.

For a long time the part of the anime feature film was the exclusive realm of the Walt Disney Company. Other companies would spring up and make the occasional animated feature but the one studio making standing, and their living, nearly entirely on their animated feature films was the Walt Disney Company. Warner Brothers opened up an animation studio to compete with all the animated short films that Disney was using to control the children’s marketplace and Warner Brothers also wished to use their animated short films as an enticement for theatre owners to show their standard feature films. They’d get the animated cartoon free of charge in the event the theatre owner consented to show the Warner Brothers feature film.

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