The difficult life of a coder

One of the career paths that didn’t not existed till nineteen seventies was that of a coder. Now you must understand one thing that the world keeps on changing year after year. Even the smallest changes create a ripple effect and bring a lot of changes in the environment as well. If you see, although the technology has evolved over the course of past two decades but the start of it began around fifty years prior to that. Even the days when we created computers that had only 5 MB of ram that was used to calculate big equations, there were people who were performing at the best of their level to make sure that technology evolves.

Even device that is popular in the world as of now such as computer, mobile phone, tablet and the things that we do on them such as play games, use various applications need a lot of programming to be done. These programming are a line of codes that are to be written in various computer languages such as JAVA, C++ and many more. These codes are written by a coder. You have to acknowledge the fact that coders are the most sought out people in the world as now.

The people who have knowledge of coding are doing really well in life because they are paid a lot of money. Coding as a career path is flourishing. They have a difficult life as well because they have to spend hours of their time in front of a computer screen. In coding, if there is an error, it is not easily detected. A coder is the one who can be related to complex things such as Mining Ethereum, Eth Mining and Ethereum Mining GPU. It is a really interesting profession.

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