Top benefits of investing in color diamonds

People have been investing in fancy color diamonds for many years. Most of them have been using firms such as Paragon International Wealth Management to manage their diamond investments as well as keep them safe. But what are the benefits of investing in color diamonds apart from the value they offer? First, fancy color diamonds have outperformed different assets by a huge margin, especially during uncertainty in the economy. Unlike gold, stock exchanges and property, prices for color diamonds have remained unaffected for a long time. Secondly, fancy color diamonds are very rare. This factor has made the value of color diamonds appreciate overwhelmingly.

The other benefit of investing in fancy color diamonds according to Paragon International Reviews is that these are tangible assets. As such, it is possible for an investor to insure the tangible asset against damage or loss. The insurance option is not available in intangible assets such as stocks. This means that even if the diamond is lost, one will still get the money of replacing it with a new one. Diamonds in general have the benefit of offering huge privacy. When doing a transaction in diamonds, an investor will not be required to report the transaction to a government agency and will not see the need of informing other parties of the reasons they want to safely secure the diamonds in bank vaults.

It is also beneficial to invest in fancy color diamonds because these stones are portable, due to their small size. When you compare the same value of gold bars and diamonds, the comparison will be massive since gold will be bulkier than diamonds. This fact is actually incredible because Paragon IWM suggests that a fancy color diamond has a typical annual return of between 10% and 30% on average. Unlike before, nobody is controlling the diamond market meaning that investors have the opportunity of setting their own prices.

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