Water sanitation and hygiene and the international institutes

Exactly how important is water sanitation and hygienein town planning? Well the answer is that it is as important as water is for life. Life cannot work without water and just like this without water sanitation planning and hygiene new towns will become failures. This is because many problems will occur at the same time if proper planning is lacking. First of all people will star falling ill if hygiene standards are not met. Water hygiene is very important because dirty water cannot just make a few people sick it can lead to the eruption of full-blown epidemics that can kill or affect hundreds and thousands of people in a very short span of time. If this occurs, it leads to an emergency situation, which is of course not something that anyone will be looking forward to.

Many town developers do not pay proper attention to water sanitation and hygiene when this development is underway. To many anybody can do this if he or she pays full attention. This is however just an illusion and it is entertained only to save money. Sanitation and hygiene standards can be expensive and this is the reason many town developers will choose cheaper options. The fact is that this matter calls for complete and absolute professionals who have degrees in this field. They know the science of sanitation and hygiene and they know the standards and the ways to uphold them. There is a lot of engineering and science involved in the process of building resilient cities- cities that can face natural disasters and have contingent plans intact for possible problems. This is the way of 21st century because we live in a world that is beset with problems- problems that our ancestors from the previous century had no idea of! This is also, why we have to act smarter than our ancestors and plan our towns with full use of knowledge and technology!

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