What are the essential baby items you need for a new born?

When a new baby is arriving in the baby, the happiness of new parents is limitless. They want to give everything branded and special to their kids from day one of their birth. However, parents who are not in a position to spend whopping amount on child supplies can also get free baby stuff for low income families to meet the child needs. There are many baby stuff selling companies who are giving baby kits to the new moms. You can get this either by emailing or calling the companies. They will deliver this kit at your doorsteps. When you are expecting the baby round the corner, you would need to prepare a checklist of items you would need to take care of your baby. This checklist would include diapers, bottles, wipes, and other stuff. You need to jot down the list of supplies you need to make purchases quickly.

Few of the essential baby items that you would need on priority for your new born and get in free baby stuff for low income families include
• Disposable diapers for newborns
• Diaper bag to keep the diapers safely in this bag
• Wipes to wipe off the potty of the baby without letting them prone to rashes latter due to the remains of potty
• Ointment to heal the rashes that are caused due to diapers
• Cloth diapers should be kept as a spare though you do not use them. If you want to use them for the baby, then you need to buy at least a two dozens of it.
• Baby lotions to keep baby’s skin healthy and glowing in all seasons
• Baby wash and shampoo
• Soft brush to remove the dust and grime on the baby’s body gently
• Pacifiers. It is recommended to buy two to three different types and use the one that is convenient for your baby
• Bulb syringe to suction the stuffy nose
• Alcohol to clean the umbilical cord and this should be used under the supervision of a doctor
• Nail clipper to remove the sharp nails to avoid baby from scratching him/herself
• Wash clothes
• Blankets

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