What is coin mixer and why we have to use them?

Bitcoin is the safest and reliable currency in the world as no can track your actual amount as well as not even the location of you. If one cannot track your location, then you might be in safe zone. Bitcoin mixer provides you the option of tumbling of your digital coins to make your purchases and all your transactions untraceable. Bitcoin is nothing is converting the real currency to the digital one, but if one is curious to track your transactions, and then it might be possible that he/she is successful. But if you’re going through coin mixer then these things become challenging for such persons.

Bitcoin mixer is simply mixed your bitcoins to another coin so that it is quite tedious to know your location and actual transactions and all other details which you want to hide from the society. These currencies some time used in the charity where one cannot show their names and amount. When hidden deals are done then it is necessary to make their transaction very secret.
Sometimes, bitcoin mixer protects you from criminal activities, or it can also help you to hide it from the law of your country or in some special cases, it can save you from taxes.

Steps to follow:
If you want to use such coin mixer, then first you have to enter your address where you want to receive you the mixed coin. Then they can mix coins coming from multiple addresses to make it safer.
After that, they mix all of them with a unique process. Then they send you the outcome at your given address along with the receipt in which a little commission is added. At the final step, they delete all your data related to the transactions from their database.
Bitcoin mixer is the one who provides you the safety and security of your digital currency.

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