What you have to do when having human hair weave?

Actually human hair weave is fairly simple in caring for the hair once they have yet been woven by you on the hair by the help of the salon professional But you must not try to install the wefted weave by yourself, until and unless you are not give proper training in wearing it. You do not know the result could be very much horrific. When you are installing the human hair weaves it is better that you be very much careful and must follow the appropriate direction in installing the hair weaves. You must also take the help of the professional running the parlor for the longer time.

Here are some of the tips that can be followed when installing the human hair weave-
• Avoid washing the hair- When the hair weave is installed in the hair, it is better that you avoid washing the hair for about 15 days. This will be letting the weave integrating into the hair effectively.
• Do not use alcohol based items- You must not have to use the alcohol based products and the harsh shampoos until and unless weaves properly gets integrated in the hair.
• Brush the hair properly- When you are brushing or combing the weave hair, you must have to start it from the bottom and work the way up through the scalps.
• Always brush before using the shampoo- When you are brushing or combing the weave hair, it is better that you brush the hair before doing the shampooing of the hair.
• Do not undo the weave hair by yourself- you must never have to try to undo the hair weave by own. You can take the help of stylists.
These are some tips that will help in installing the human hair weaves. click here to get more information miami hair extensions.

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