Which are the best manga

You can read manga in the form of comics or magazines. You can also go to Manga Onlinesites where you get to read Read Manga. Whatever form in which manga is being read, there are some manga which are more popular than others. Some of the popular ones are :
a) One piece – this manga has a great plot as well as a wonderful story in addition to the characters which are in it. This manga makes the reader both cry as well as laugh at the same time. The story line of this is brilliant and this has adventure as well as emotions that touch the heart.
b) Naruto is a manga which takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. There is depression, happiness, sadness, anger, laughter and so many more emotions felt. This is about Naruto who has cool techniques of ninja and he can walk on water and so much more. One learns to love the character for his personality and his attitude of never giving up as well as the readers start appreciating him for not his fame or money but for his hard work and his personality.
c) The fullmetal alchemist is all about two brothers Alphonse and Edward Elric. These try to restore their bodies and this is popular as this is about bravery and the ploy is intriguing. The characters are amazing too.
d) Death note is a manga which is famous and it is also different to the other fighting mangas. This has psychological duels and this has characters which are perhaps some of the best of the manga world. There is Light and L.
e) Fairy Tail is a manga which is amazing when it comes to the story. This has emotions and action. The characters are well created and this has romance, action, drama and twists.

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