Who is Responsible for what is in a punch list?

Although there are several parties who are involved in creating a construction punch list, there are two main phases; addressing it and making it. All the stakeholder in the project has a role to play in both the phases with some being heavily involved while others are not.

So who exactly is involved in ticking off the construction punch listitems on your project? While this might vary depending on the type of construction and the relevant stakeholders, here are the basics of what each does:
The owner: Your job as the owner is to inspect the work being done. You will need to ask questions for which you don’t understand and list work which is completed improperly or incomplete. You will then hand into punch list which is with the general contractor. When the additional requested will be addressed, you will have to do walk through.
General contractor: The role of a general contractor is to consult with the punch list of the owner, to examine details, and ensure that their own lists for the subcontractors so that it can be addressed.
Subcontractor: Each subcontractor has a role of ensuring that the punch list which they have been given from the general contractor, has been addressed and on time. Each of the requests has to be successfully completed. It is up to them to make sure that they are in a position to explain each fix, and why it was in the first place, not made to specifications.
Designer/Architect: The role of an architect in the punch list is to ensure that whatever has been built is what was in the actual design. They are the final ones to approve the build before it is handed over to the owner by the general contractor.

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