Why erectile dysfunction may not be the real worry

Most men have erectile dysfunction problems. Most of these men look for ways of improving such a problem or what can be done to ensure that their erections are brought back. So often, most men usually ask whether they should take pills such as what causes an erection, or whether there are other herbal supplements that they can use. But as far as erectile dysfunction is concerned, the most critical question that men should be asked is why do they have an erectile dysfunction problem in the first place? After all, erectile dysfunction is a warning that there is something far more dangerous happening in the body.

Most people know by now that having an erectile dysfunction may be due to the failure of blood flowing to the blood vessels via the small arteries. In this case, there is a possibility that the erectile dysfunction a man is experiencing may be due to damage of these arteries. These are the same arteries that are concerned with the delivery of oxygen and blood to the heart. In other words, a person may be taking cialis thinking that he is treating erectile dysfunction but in real sense, the arteries are already damaged. This means that erectile dysfunction could be an early warning that a potentially and serious life threatening coronary artery disease is in the offing.
It is true that drugs such as levitra and kamagra do treat erectile dysfunction. However, it is best that a person is checked even before consuming these drugs since it can save them from a potential heart attack. Erectile dysfunction could also be a sign of hormone imbalance, diabetes, kidney problems, liver disease or a small brain tumor. Anybody that suspects to have erectile dysfunction should not rush to buy these drugs but should rush to their primary care doctor to get a full work up.

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