Why Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking website. The main purpose of this website is to let you keep in touch with your friends or people you know. With the advent of technology and internet, use of social networking sites has grown drastically high. Anyone above 13 years old can open a free account on this Facebook. All you need to have is your current and active e-mail id for this.

Once you open your account on Facebook, then using this account you can find information about other’s account on Facebook. Just like you can see your friend’s Facebook account from your Facebook account. But for this, your friends should also have an account on Facebook. You can locate your friends account from your Facebook account, you can show your photos to each other. Also, here you can inform others about a ceremony or activities. It has become very easy to keep in touch with friends and relatives. Facebook is a great website for instant messaging, like SMS in mobile. You can keep your message in it and can also create groups on Facebook.

Why hacking?
Considering all these advantages and good things about Facebook, some people misuse it. Many hackers try pirater un compte facebook (to hack a Facebook account) to steal your useful or private information or photos or any other confidential data from your Facebook account. Though, it is crime to hack a facebook account, many people do it for purpose or for fun or with bad intentions.
To protect you from all these crimes and not to be a victim of hackers, facebook has provided many security features and settings. With the help of these additional settings, you can protect yourself and your account from hackers. Also, make sure to use a very strong password to your profile.

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