Why Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee Is In Such Demand

Coffee connoisseurs all over the world are much acquainted with the top quality and rewarding flavor of accredited Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee but what many might not know is why this kind of coffee is usually in such demand and just why it could be so expensive in comparison to additional coffees on the globe market.

The reason why Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is usually in such demand is basically because its unique qualities result from being just grown in the wealthy well drained soils of the Jamaican mountains between 3,000 and 5,000 feet. The creation is certainly regulated by Jamaica’s Coffee Sector Regulation Act to guarantee the highest quality specifications. The growing environment of the region produces among the best coffee berries in the globe, and when coupled with their 6 week maturing process offers a consistent product that can’t be duplicated.
Harvesting & Processing
Following the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is harvested by the neighborhood farmers is it bought by the government’s Coffee Industry Board where it undergoes several tests and processes to keep up the products trustworthiness of top notch quality. The coffee berries are placed into large keeping tanks and inspected to eliminate insect infested, over fermented, green or other poor cherries. Once the initial batch is accepted they are after that washed to eliminate the mucilage, the sugary level externally of the bean.
When this technique is comprehensive the bean remaining is often known as the wet parchment.
To dry out the wet parchment they are spread across slabs of cement. Sometimes because of the lack of sunlight in this area the drying process may take up to 5 times to complete, and through the heavy rainy months of the entire year the Coffee Industry Board is forced to make use of huge mechanical dryers to finish the drying process to attain the correct amount of wetness in the beans.

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