Why you are tempted to go for replica watches?

You have read thousands of articles perhaps telling why the watches which are fake are bad in quality, poor in design etc. however time and again you have a desire for the possession of such fake watches. You probably want to sport around replica watches, just for the fact that you want to wear it as a symbol showing high status.
At the first go, this logic may seem to qualify being the reason behind you having such desires, but if you look closely, you will realize that by buying a fake watch, you are doing and getting exactly opposite of what a for example Rolex watch is supposed to symbolize. You will only impress those illiterate people who have no idea of watches with your fake one. Wearing a fake around hence lowers your status symbol instead of enhancing it.

The purchase of Rolex replicas can be compared to buying a fake car of some high value brand. Initially you may be very proud to show around the looks of the fake car to everyone. But soon you will find that the paint of the fake car comes off, it refuses to start etc. you come to realize that you have been duped of you money by having fake hopes of carrying around the branded item as a prized possession. Same is the case with the purchase of fake watches.
If your fake watch comes under the scrutiny of the eyes of a person who knows his watch, then by simply looking at the movement of the dials of the watch, the person will realize that the watch is a fake.
The main point is that buying a Swiss replica watch will hurt you, both financially as well as esteem wise. High as the price of the real ones may be, the quality of everything, right from dials to the straps are of great quality in the real watches.
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